What is it?

Bing Smart Search for Windows 8.1 brings you information from across the web, your PC or tablet, apps, and in the cloud. Finding what you need – whether it’s a photo album in the cloud or your favorite app β€“ is just one click away.



Being a search engine with some 100 million users means that we have a wealth of data about people, places, events and objects in the world, as well as their relationships. This creates a great opportunity to showcase rich content surrounding these entities. I was one of the primary designers that worked on Smart Search's "Hero" experience. We took this vast set of structured data and turned it into something beautiful, curated and relevant. 



One challenge of Smart Search was that it had to not only support multiple screen resolutions, but it also scaled to portrait modes and "snap" modes -- a feature of Windows where a user can choose to divide their screen to show different applications.  

Here's an example of how the Hero re-sizes based on the snap width.


Here are some other visual explorations.