Is there a way to become more cognizant of your breathing? That's what this device aims to do. Fluffy is a backpack that helps you de-stress by guiding you into a slower and deeper breathing pattern. It first measures your breathing rate and pulses at the same frequency. It then gradually slows to a steady and even pulse, encouraging the wearer to follow suit.

Initial drawings

Everything about Fluffy is designed based on research and relaxation techniques. A couple's breathing pattern and heart rates tend to synchronize when they are close to one another, as do mothers and infants. This is why we experimented with a wearable that would be worn very close to users' bodies. Research also tells us that pets are one of the best forms of stress release. Therefore, we purposely used a soft, furry material to construct the pack to give it animal-like characteristics. The object feels alive and helps to heighten the emotional connection the wearer has with the machine. Lastly, we explored the possibility of the pack having a dual purpose of also being a notification system for tweets or text messages.

How it's made

The final prototype was made using an Arduino that controls a servo motor arm. The arm continually compresses and releases an inflatable device (a balloon) giving the feeling of a breathing object. 

Inside the straps of the backpack is a force-sensing resistor that measures the users' breathing and sends that information to the Arduino.


We made several prototypes to figure out the right experience.